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Friday, May 9th, 2008

Subject:Traffic Report
Time:8:12 am.
Oh, and remember the Alliteration News?

The other night I flipped on a different station when I was driving... They had Shakespearian Traffic. It was brilliant.
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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Subject:Couple thoughts...
Time:2:23 pm.
I've been working in my job for over 3 years now. Yesterday was the first time I've actually done 'computer science' in my job. I had to prove that a solution regarding set manipulation stuff, dynamic evaluation definitions and time-based evaluations was correct. I spent a day and a half working on the different sub-parts and then stringing it all together. Apparently my degree was worth something after all.

The other thing is a reference for friends... I'm sure you all remember the phrase "cheap blue crack" ("as opposed to the expensive green stuff"). It isn't crack... but watch American Gangster. Have a laugh at the name of the product which is half the price and twice the quality of all other stuff in the same market. Apparently the cheap blue stuff is pretty good! ;)
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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Time:8:09 am.
I just wanted to share this with the lot of you... yesterday I picked up a copy of Bioshock (yes, with the "IPWN" hat) and brought it home. For those not in the know, Bioshock is a PC (and xbox360) game. It's an RPGFPS. Yes, along the lines of good old System Shock II. Somehow I doubt that the naming convention is a coincidence. The game is getting amazing reviews (I haven't seen anything lower than a 9.5)... a warning: apparently the game is spoilable in three words. So if you do intend to play, be careful about spoilers.

So yeah. I brought it home last night and installed it at about 11pm. Depite the reviews I'd seen, I wasn't all that hyped up. After install, I launched the game to play a bit before bed. As the game launched, a small rectangular "window" appeared over my desktop holding the bioshock logo. A la UT99. I was suddenly VERY excited to play. Any game that paid tribute to one of my favorite games deserved my attention. Of course on the way in, the "powered by Unreal" logo showed up, so I was even more hyped.

I've only played for 30 minutes or so, but I can say the following:
* the graphics are beautiful.
* story telling is very well done - don't treat it as just a game, let yourself fall into character and you'll fall in love very quickly.
* the game play is VERY fluid... it just flows really well... in fact, it does remind me of 99 for a game that just feels incredibly well balanced for play.
* don't play too late at night, you'll creep yourself out

So yeah, if you're and FPS fan, get this game. Trust me, it's awesome.
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Friday, July 27th, 2007

Time:9:09 pm.
woot vacation!

woot drunk!

woot packing! (ok, not so much)

woot bamboo liquor!

just.... woot!
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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Subject:world building
Time:10:07 am.
Rohan and I were sitting around watching anime last night... at 12:30, as we're packing it in, he turns to me and asks one of those huge, thought-provoking questions. We talked about it for 30 minutes or so, came to very few conclusions, and then called it a night. I then lay in bed thinking about it for over an hour...

I don't like 'stealing' the discussion topic, but I can't seem to let it go. Even though I think I've come to my own conclusions, I keep worrying at it again and again. So I figured I'd share it out and see what the rest of you think.

The question: How important is it for an author (speaking strictly with regards to fantasy novels) to come up with his or her own world? That is, why are books written in an established world generally considered to be inferior to books that aren't?

For example, consider the Forgotten Realms books (or the 'video-game-world' books) you see occupying several shelves in a book store... I can't speak for all of you, but I know that I tend to stereotype those books as 'B' level fiction. I expect them to ok, but not amazing. As a result, I never give them more than a passing glance. To be clear, it isn't necessarilly always the case that those books are inferior, but it is the case that I stereotype them.

But why do they have such a low expected value? Is it because they're written in a world established by someone other than the author? If so, Why is the creation of a world so important to Fantasy literature? Should it be?

I'll leave it at that for now. I'm interested in hearing the ideas the rest of you come up with before I share my own on the subject (largely so that I don't bias the lot of you before you think independantly).

P.S. props to Rohan for starting this
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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Subject:Ulti: On Spirit Points
Time:4:06 pm.
Spirit points have been an interesting, and somewhat touchy, subject this year. Mostly because they're hard to pull off well... that is, it can be hard to pull one off without costing your team a point, or without insulting the other team. For example, if your team is up 10-3 in a game and you decide you want to lighten the game up with a spirit point, the other team may take it as an insult: that your team is so confident in your victory that you're now joking around and just rubbing the loss in the other team's faces.

So yeah, touchy subject. My thoughts on them are:
1) Try not to be the team to initiate spirit points if you're way ahead. However if you are ahead and the other team plays a spirit point, be sure to respond with one!
2) Keep things friendly with the other team throughout your game, so when someone on your team (*cough*Angela*cough*) starts insisting on a spirit point, you don't feel bad about doing it.
3) LAUGH when you're doing it, and laugh when the other team pulls one on you. Cheer for them! The idea is to lighten up the game, not to just do something stupid.

For those who aren't in the know, a spirit point in Ultimate Frisbee is a point where your team plays with some sort of wierd theme. The *safe* way to do a spirit point is to do something off of the pull and then play normally, that way you aren't risking too much. To be honest, I prefer this aproach to playing the full point in some strange manner since it doesn't involve 'cockiness' on your team's part.

Here are some examples of spirit points I've seen (and done) over the years:
Airplane Point
The idea here is to "fly" out towards the disk with your arms out, making engine noises as you go. Some teams fly out, shoot the disc as they go by, and then settle into the point. Others (and this is much more common) will fly out towards the disc, slide into single file, then circle the disc (still running) once or twice before peeling off and moving to position. A variant is to have the planes peel off and go straight to the endzone, where a designated handler punts the disc.
Sumo Point
Again, you need to be receiving. The team runs out, surrounds the disc in a big circle and then uniformly does a sumo stomp. They then head out and play normally.
Zombie Point
After the huck, the team goes into 'zombie stance' (you know what this is if you've ever seen a zombie flick) and starts ambling down the field, crying "brains!" etc. I've seen this done both by throwers and receiviers.
Turtle Point
As described in my last post... the receiving team runs out and starts moving towards position when suddenly everyone collapses to the ground, lies on their backs, flails their hands and feet in the air, and cries "turtle! turtle! turtle! turtle!". One member gets up and runs for the endzone while the handler hucks it. Alternatively, noone runs. After crying turtle three times, everyone gets up and plays normally, pretending nothing happened.
Dead Ants
A variant of turtle... done in the middle of the point. A turn-over occurs, but instead of going straight for the disc, the handler shouts "dead ants!". The entire team collapses to the ground and flails their hands and feet in the air. The team does this for 2-3 seconds, gets up, and continues the play as per normal.
Does this really require an explanation? You do it as the receiving team... centered on the disc.
Red Rover
As a receiving team, you wait for the throwing team to hold up the disc and then instead of lifting hands to show readiness, you have everyone hold hands and shout the classic line: "Red rover! Red rover! We call the frisbee over!!!". Then as a team, everyone holds up their hands (still holding hands). You then run out and play as per usual (ideally breaking the hand hold just as your team reaches the thrown frisbee).
Dinosaur Point
Ideally you've discussed this with the other team before hand and everyone takes part... if you haven't, it might be a bit wierd (and hard on your team). When on offense, you play as a T-Rexes. You keep your arms in tight to your body, only moving from the elbow (mimicking a T-Rex's short arms). Do your best t-rex impression and have some fun. Its hard to throw, and even harder to receive, but its very funny. Roar once in a while too. As defense, you get to be Terodactyls. You keep your arms out straight, only bending your elbows slightly as you flap your 'wings'. You can't defend in close to the body since your arms are constantly extended.

I mean really, these things are pretty simple. There's only so many variants you can do. Of course, coming up with new themes etc is highly encouraged. From what I've heard, they're very common in tournaments...

So a question for the rest of you: have you played / seen many of these things over the years? If so, what have your experiences been? Which ones have you seen?
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Monday, July 16th, 2007

Subject:Update from the (goal) line
Time:10:27 pm.
This post is mostly about ultimate. If it isn't your thing, you may as well give up reading now. That or skip to the end of the post.

Firstly, an update on "the teams"...
Lego Paradiso
This is the team I'm captaining this summer. It's a great team, and while we don't have the best win-loss ratio (we're now 7-12-1), we've only been blown out two or three times. A lot of very good, very close games. In the last 4 games, we've actually had 3 wins and a tie. Can't say I'm complaining really.

I'd tell you all about the various members of the team and who's come along how much this season, but it really wouldn't matter to most of you. They're not people you know, so it wouldn't have a lot of context. There are two women though who've come incredibly far. Both Alda and Lindsay are getting a lot of discs now. Both of them have improved a huge, huge amount from when they first showed up. To say I'm proud of them would be an understatement.

Regarding my own play, I have to admit that I'm disapointed in myself. I toned down my game a while back in order to not kill people in div 7, and I'm finding it very hard to shake the cobwebs out now that I'm finally needed to run more. My cardio levels are now significantly better than they were at the start of the season, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to run.

Complicating the matter is my utter lack of confidence in my ankle, which I turned, again, tonight. Thankfully it was out of the play, and noone saw it. Couple hobbles, back to running, and noone was the wiser. It's on ice and elevated as I type this. The swelling came in fast as soon as my cleats came off. The right ankle is tag-teaming me with the left knee (the one I decided to slam into some concrete back in April), which has now become constantly sore, even when sitting down.

As a result of my general lack of running, I'm handling a lot... which can be fun - even threw a very pretty hammer to finish our 2nd game at 7-6 for us! - but it also means that I've been working on the other thing people associate with handlers: my handler gut. :(

The Jokers
Incase I didn't mention it, I signed up to be a mentor this summer for the VUL. The Jokers is the team I was assigned to at the start of the season, and they've been awesome. They're all very young players, most of which can handle fairly well, and all of whom are excellent athletes. They cleaned up in their first trimester with very little help from me... we talked a few strategies, and I did a lot of 1-1 coaching with various players to work on specific skills for each.

The second trimester they got moved up a division, and it was their turn to get creamed. They lost every game... By the end of the trimester, the games were *much* closer, but the zone-offense still just wasn't quite there. Unfortunately, they were moved back down this trimester, and they're back to kicking ass. They've lost a single game since coming back down, and I honestly think it had to do with the number of players they had show up for that second game more than anything else: they had 10 guys and 6 or 7 ladies... it was nuts.

I'm really happy I signed up to do the mentorship thing this summer. It's been great being able to help coach the up-and-coming players, to talk spirit with them, to cheer them on. I hope that they don't split up and that we see them again next summer, because they have huge potential.

Lego Inferno
I'm technically a co-captain of Inferno, but I've only played with them twice now. The real captain was supposed to find himself an actual player to co-captain with him, but noone wanted the job so I was left in place on the roster. Inferno is a good team... a lot of fun to play with and very spirited.

They're much less competative than the other teams I'm with this summer, doing _a lot_ of spirit points. A 'classic' favorite they pulled last week (and got a point from it!) was the turtle play. If you aren't familiar with it, here's how it goes:
1) you need to be receiving, and the pull can't be *too* long (it should be before your brick line).
2) everyone moves past the disc (except the designated handler who picks up) and starts moving towards their positions... when they're about 10-20 feet from the disc, everyone (except the handler) falls onto their backs, kicks their hands and feet up in the air and cries "turtle! turtle! turtle!"
3) one of the turtles suddenly gets up (predesignated) and runs like mad for the endzone, where the handler should be putting the disc.

Yes its a punt play. And yes, its funny as hell. Which is the idea. The other team did a zombie point on their way to us after a pull... that was pretty sweet too.

and non-ulti
Its only 9 more work days till I'm outta here. Even though the attendance numbers are *much* crappier than I'd been hoping for, I'm still super excited about this trip. On a scale of 1 to Steve P., this trip is going to be awesome. I'm hoping that a bit of swimming in the lake should help loosen up my knee and strengthen the ankle.

I've given up being upset at those who can't make it. Unless I get lucky with another recruiting trip to Waterloo, I doubt I'll be doing a big round-trip visit to Ontario again for at least two years. There's no way I can even afford to do the various weddings this year (so very sorry - a 'hit and run' car accident took care of my wedding trip funds), so I guess that's that. :S

Anyway, the bed is calling. Those 9 work days have to be productive ones, so I'd better hit the hay.
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Monday, June 25th, 2007

Time:8:43 am.
For the older members of pojdm... saw a romance/drama at a movie rental place called "Aurora Borealis". I called it in to her ex-boyfriend immediately and told him he had to rent it.

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Monday, June 11th, 2007

Time:10:18 pm.
the short-short update

* Waterloo trip was great. I think the recruiting went wonderfully and seeing friends rocked (even if there were some I was semi-close to but didn't get to see).

* Turned my ankle again at ulti tonight in the third-last point of the 2nd game. Its not *that bad* this time, but its not wonderful either. Might even recover within a week for once?

* One of the guys from work anounced he was throwing in the towel and moving back to Ontario. I don't think anyone can understand how brutally that's erroding my will-power right now.

* Its about time we sorted out details for this trip at the end of July. Totally awesome cottage 'party' '07 here we come. Expect more coordination posts later this week. (For now, I'm going to go prop up this ankle.)
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Friday, May 18th, 2007

Subject:Waterloo-bound (June)
Time:4:08 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
Ok, its semi-official now. I finally managed to get myself sent to Waterloo on a recruiting trip. I fly into Toronto on the 2nd (probably try to visit my brother there and get him to drive me to Wloo on the 3rd). I fly back out on the 9th (still not sure how I'm getting back to Pearson).

I'll be working on the 5th / 6th (including the evening of the 6th). But other than that, the majority of the rest should be free time. :)

So.... who's free when? Can I borrow a place to stay for a day or two when I'm not officially on company business? Also, any chance of getting in an ulti game while I'm there? I have to miss my games on the 4th, 5th and 7th in order to come.
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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Subject:Running Dry
Time:12:02 pm.
We had our first two ulti games last night! I'm very proud of the team this year... We lost a closely contested first game (8-10) and won the second game easilly (13-7). The play style wasn't pretty - we were playing man all night and our stack was sloppy at best. The sad part is that the new players did it right. It was our older, more experienced players who were ignoring calls to get in the stack, or who would pick up a disc when they should run through, or clog a cutting lane by just standing in it. I suppose it goes back to the old saying: "hard to teach an old dog new tricks". Or in this case: "hard to teach an old dog tricks it used to know but forgot".

On my performance though, I have to admit that I was disapointed in myself. I handled _really_ well... threw a single bad pass, everything else was on the money, including two hammers that stretched over half the field. On the other hand, my energy levels just weren't there. I was able to run hard once in a while, but each time it left me toasted for a minute or two afterwards. I know that its just the start of the season but my cardio has a long way to go. Might have to look into doing some sort of other, cardio-intense activity. And before any of you suggest running, the answer is no.

What I find really amusing (or perhaps, unamusing) though is my energy level this morning. I have been fighting off sleep all morning. Zoning in and out while working. Thank God that our new co-op is off on all day training today. If she'd been at her desk and turned to ask me a question, there would be at least a 50% chance she'd have caught me asleep. I have no idea if the sleepyness comes from ulti last night, or if it comes from not eating dinner last night (yes, I know that was dumb), or if its just one of those days... the tanks are just bone dry.

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Friday, April 27th, 2007

Subject:The Return of Frisbee Season - warning: not for the faint of heart
Time:5:14 pm.
Summer, or at least what passes as summer, is almost upon the city of Vancouver. Some of the flowering trees have come and gone. In some cases, they're just on the way out (which results in pink sidewalks for a week or two). The weather is pretending to get better... that is, we see the sun on occasion for more than 30 seconds... and more importantly, the grass is green and the fields are partially dry.

Which of course means that the summer Ultimate Frisbee season will be starting soon as well - first games will be May 7th.

What are my ulti-plans this summer? Well, I'm captaining a team for Monday nights, helping someone organize a team for Thursday nights (couldn't captain it as well due to band), and I'll be mentoring at least one team, maybe two, on some combination of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So yeah, busy busy. I wasn't planning on taking on so much, but the why of it all isn't something I'm prepared to share.

Anyway, back to my chain of "something implies something else"... so far we have Weather/Dates -> Summer -> Frisbee. Next up: Fribee -> Injuries. (this is the part I was warning about in the subject line)

The season hasn't started yet and we've already had two scratches (almost 3!) from our rosters. A torn ACL (not sustained in ulti though) and a torn Achilles (re-torn at our first practice of the season). Not a pleasant way to end the season.

Number 3 is who else? me.

At that first practice I ran into some loose dirt on the field and wiped out in it (caught the disk though!) which scratched up most of my left leg. Talk about a mess... I haven't seen so many scabs on my body in years. That wasn't the injury though. For a couple days, the skin on my leg was tight (from the scabs) and it was finally loosening up on Saturday. Loose enough that I could run anyway.

So Saturday, I'm throwing a disc around with some people in a small field ringed by buildings, and someone tosses it to me a little high and long. "No problem" I say to myself, turn, and run for it. I just about had the disc in hand when I realized that I'd run out of field and was about to run face first into a building. Which seemed like a bad idea. So I tried to stop... and wiped out onto the sidewalk. Skined both hands, whacked my left knee and leg into the concrete, rolled, and came to rest when my head slammed into the steps.

I probably should have just run into the building.

The skinned hands and leg weren't bad... just some blood... the head didn't impact hard enough to hurt anything, so that's fine... the real problem was the knee. Trust me, it sucks when you slam your kneecap into concrete. I figured it was fine, that I'd just skinned the outside of it too, and continued with my day, walking rather gingerly...

By Thursday, I knew it wasn't just skinned. My lower leg was swollen significantly from the juices coming down from the knee, and my foot had a rather disgusting amount of purple hanging out in it from pooled blood. The knee was still sore to the touch (very, very sensitive), but at least it was still mobile. To give you an idea, the shin on my left leg had hurt for a week, because of all the juices in the leg acting as a wedge between it and the bone.

Yes, I got it x-rayed. No, it isn't broken. Nor is it badly fractured. Maybe a tiny crack, but not anything that needs special attention - it'll heal on its own. It's soft tissue damage under the kneecap that's causing all the swelling and bruising. And it should heal on its own within a couple weeks - as long as I stay off the leg.

So the start of my ulti season may be delayed by a week or two. :(

At least I'm back to old habits. Oh... and yes, I caught the disc (before I threw it away to cradle my landing). ;)
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Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Time:12:54 am.
Mood: embarrassed.
1am... almost done... and of course instead of finishing up, I'm posting. Which should tell you why its so late: good ol' procrastination.

My mother and aunt are arriving in Vancouver tomorrow night, which meant my place was due for a thorough cleaning. I began on the weekend and have been putting off finishing most of the week. I just took out a year and a half's worth of pizza boxes... had to flatten em and tie em up to carry them downstairs. I'm kinda happy that its so late: noone was awake to see me walking through the building with two massive stacks of flattened cardboard. Of course, it'll be on the video cameras tomorrow morning... *shrug*

Organizing the ulti teams for this summer has been fun so far. Takes a lot of time though, which I feel bad about since I'm already slow enough in this new code base. The guy who was basically my 'assistant captain' in the fall league is going to run the Thursday team and I'll be running the Monday team. Unfortunately, that means I get the crappy light blue jerseys rather than the nicer forest green ones. Oh well.

Ok, back to work... I need to be concious tomorrow morning.
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Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Time:1:03 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
This post is a bit later than I originally intended it to be. There's a good reason for that, I swear... you see, I just got back from returning my snow shoes to MEC.

The temperatures this week (and more importantly, the freezing level) were a mirror of last week: droped way low at the midpoint of the week (Wednesday) and then were supposed to climb up till today (the high point) where the freezing level was supposed to be something stupid like 2100 meters. Which meant we were in for some brutal weather this weekend: solid, heavy rain all day Saturday while we hiked up. And of course, in weather like that, we weren't going to be building any snow caves, igloos, etc.

So, seeing this on Tuesday, we decided to do something about it... you can't make the weather conform to your trip dates right? Well, then why not make the trip dates conform to the weather? We called up the school and got lucky: there was a guide free for Thurs / Fri, which meant we could go earlier, while the freezing level was still low, and probably get to do the practical course material we wanted to cover... so yeah, we did it.

Trip InfoCollapse )

On GearCollapse )

Anyway, thats enough out of me. I owe work a few hours (16 to be exact) so I'd better get to em.
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Monday, March 19th, 2007

Subject:The World Ends - aka I post
Time:11:17 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
Ok, maybe it isn't that dramatic. It feels that way sometimes though.

To those of you I've been neglecting (you know who you are), let me at least offer you this cheap LJ-appology. I'm sorry.

I don't have incredible news, or even devastating news - unlike like some of you. I finally got around to catching up on friends lists posts tonight and was both shocked and awed (ok, more like pleasantly suprised in the latter case, but the phrase was too good not to use). I've just got decent 'life goes on' type things to share.

Prepare for excessive length, nasty grammar, and verb tense shiftsCollapse )
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Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Subject:kids are hillarious
Time:3:44 pm.
Mood: amused.
Today is laundry day. A day where I don old, shabby clothes, and descend into the bowels of the earth in order to do battle with the laundry demons (aka, "the washer" and "the dryer").

On one trip down the elevator, I was joined by a mother and her two sons. The older was hauling what looked to be a bag of hockey gear. The younger must have been no more than 4 years old. He (the youngest) gets in the elevator, looks down, and exclaims "sandals!"

I smile at him and nod.

He waits a few seconds with a puzzled look on his face. The puzzlement fades to wonder and he asks "are you going to the beach?"

I smile again and tell him "I wish, I'm just doing laundry".

Fancy that though. The beach... it is sunny out, but I am thinking it is a bit too cold... yes?
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Friday, January 19th, 2007

Subject:BOBJ Goes Evil
Time:8:38 pm.
Somehow this didn't shock me nearly as much as it should have. It was only a matter of time really. I laughed, jumped through their hoops, and proceeded to try and fuck up their filter as much as possible.

I've been at Business Objects for over two years now. A day after I started, I made a hotmail account specifically for work and set it up as my "work MSN" account. MSN is widely used by our devs to ask simple questions / resolve small issues. Its a heck of a lot less intrusive than standing up and going over to someone's desk (no loud voices screwing up the other cubicle code monkeys) and easier than email. Don't get me wrong though, I freely acknowledge that it also gets used for sending links to articles or videos, or other random things as well as for dev work.

So yeah, in those two years, I've not once seen a spam message on my MSN (how is it possible?) or received a virus, or even known someone who has received something along those lines. Yes the tool is used for amusement, but it also gets used for legitimate work purposes and things get done. Its the whole modern 'trust your employees' thing... you give them free reign and let them get things done their own way - only coming down on them when things go wrong.

On Thursday, IT rolled out their newest tool... Postini. It's essentially a proxy for IM, meant to "protect" the clients from viruses and spam messaging. (Says IT.) It also prevents file transfers and can be used to filter messages for content. Although they didn't say it in their high level email talking about the rollout, if you read their document, there are some pointed lines about also rolling out an official 'IM content policy'.

I have yet to get some stuff blocked by this thing, so I can only assume that said policy is en route - not yet arrived. Maybe they plan to get us used to using postini for IM and then roll their policy out once we're already used to this thing. *shrug*

I know that I can get around the filter. Even though IT claims that they have blocked all but certain IM clients, there are some you can download that aren't blocked (and still access the MSN account) and go right through the IM filter. Or there's the web client for MSN. Or there's RDCing into another box outside our network and using MSN from there. Some of the devs have gone to other clients, one is using RDC, and two of our ST are on the web client.

Personally, I've decided that it's my mission to fuck with them as much as possible. I spent time today swearing on MSN, describing how I might blow up the company's Executive Committee, talking about how shitty the company is, how stupid our IT is, and how I'm actually selling trade secrets to our competitors... all sorts of good (and totally not true - except for IT sucking) shit. Have fun with the logs you goddamned IT motherfuckers.

It's nice to know that the company claims one of its core values to be "Integrity". I guess that they don't think their employees are living up to that value, so they have to put in instant message filtering to enforce it. Even if they don't start blocking content in messages, they still get complete logs of everything ever said on a registered client. I guess they can log most of our traffic, but this seems to be pretty fucking blatent logging.

Just one more nail in the coffin.
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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Time:8:15 pm.
So a quick "where I'm at"...

Work is "ok" right now. Its pretty busy (we're now in the final stretch for this product), but thats to be expected I guess. I've been doing performance enhancements for the last week or so. I find it funny that 90% of the performance improvements come down to this: "cut out the other layers as much as possible". I've taken actions that were about 6 seconds and reduced them down to about 0.4 seconds. Most of which is transport / browser overhead.

My own work project... well, that's coming along a lot more slowly. I finally got my dev environment and a couple small apps working last night, so I guess that's something.

I haven't been doing much skiing. Ankle has been sore because I've been pusing it at boxing. Its getting stronger though, so that's good.

My power supply committed suicide over the weekend. From the number of failures I've heard about through friends and from reading on the net, I can give the following advice quite freely: never buy an Antec PSU.

So yeah, not a lot going on really.
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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Subject:Wii Impressions - Part 2
Time:5:13 pm.
For today's post, I'll hit on the packaging / setup of the system, and Nintendo's "flagship" game: Wii Sports. Still to come: Excite Truck, Rayman and Zelda. Before I get started though, I should really point something out... I am a bit of a Nintendo fan boy. I'll do my best, and I'd love to claim that my reviews will be completely objective and unbiased, but I really can't give you any guarantees. (Isn't it part of the nature of bias that you can't recognize it in action?)

Part II - Setup / Wii SportsCollapse )

So overall? I rank the console pretty high. I love the way they've put it together, the small touches in their ui, and how much fun it is to play. Wii sports is definately a good party game and will probably see a fair bit of action over the years. Heck, I might even be able to convince my father (computer/gaming illiterate) to play golf this Friday (we'll see).
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Monday, November 20th, 2006

Subject:Wii Impressions - Part 1
Time:3:20 pm.
Given the hype etc, I've decided to put together a series of posts talking about Nintendo's latest console and my experience with it. In this first one, I'll address the launch day. In the next couple, I'll discuss the console setup and the games I picked up (broken up due to length both of composition time, and reading time).

Part I: Wheee! No... Wiiii!Collapse )
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